When faced with business challenges, we deliver solutions - Smarter Technology for Better Business!  Here's what a few of our clients have said about us recently!


"I just want to express my personal gratitude... for the moments that... Innovative Business Systems has assisted us with our information technology projects and our urgent needs recently; not to mention the last seven years...In short, I am expressing our appreciation of the Innovative Team for staying flexible and having the patience to help us with our needs and changes!  Thank you very much!  You all are still living up to the name “Innovative”!  - Ron M. - 8/4/2017


"I had to send you an Email to let you know how unbelievably valuable the services are that Ben Gagnon provides...IBS’ patch management program literally save me weeks’ worth of work per year – no exaggeration...So a HUGE thank you to Ben for making my life so much easier" - Laura Y. - 6/2/2017


"As news was coming out last week about the cyber attack around the world, I was grateful that we've contracted with IBS to take care of the Microsoft updates on a regular basis." - Cheryl C. - 5/15/2017


"I want to take a moment and thank you all so much for your responsiveness and assistance with this issue.  Thanks to Jason and IBS working together, we are fully operational today despite losing our server." - Jill M. - 4/14/2017


"I appreciate your personal and friendly approach to our working relationship - it has been a pleasure having you on our team!" - Frances C. - 2/14/2017


“Working with Innovative has been epic and eye opening for us. Our staff is giddy. Less management time has reduced our monthly cost 50%, and has saved us almost 100 hours of downtime.“ – James F. - 1/30/2017


"I should be giving you folks presents for the excellent care and service you have delivered." - John L. - 12/30/2016


"IBS was great with all aspects of setup, troubleshooting, and support with the new... office location." - Ron K. - 12/14/2016


"From my view, things are going well so far. Tad has been great -- very clear, organized, and patient... Deb has been similarly great and I'm really glad to have both she and Tad available to us.  Scheduling has been easy and I have found that getting access to help has been convenient." Jeannette W. - 11/2/2016


"What a good read for first thing in the morning.  I always feel like part of the club when you guys share your technical knowledge at a detailed level." - Marilyn L. - 8/30/2016


"Since we’ve seen IBS grow over the past 10 years, it is great to have you always available to check in with us, see how things are going and resolve any issue that we need help with. This really sets IBS apart from other companies and is one of the main reasons we haven’t switched to another vendor in 10 years as it was that personal service that drew us to IBS in the first place many years ago." - Laura Y. - 8/11/2016


"Tad and Deb were very easy to work with this week.  We are grateful to have such nice smart people to work with." - Mary F. 8/6/2016


"Thank you for going above and beyond to figure this out with me!" - Renee M. - 7/7/2016


"Thank you for all your hard work moving our networking equipment yesterday.  Everything is up and running with no issues this morning.  You guys did an amazing job!  Any issue we ran into, you came up with an immediate solution for." - Tammy S. - 7/6/2016


"Working with you and IBS has been an extremely positive experience."  - John L. - 5/20/2016


"I am quite pleased with the service from IBS to this point. I am sure glad we added that backup appliance smile" - Chris C. - 5/19/2016 


"Our highly advanced equipment and software requires the assistance of IT professionals.  I am pleased that the team at IBS meets our needs" - Eric F. - 5/16/2016


"Innovative Business Systems [IBS] has been a valuable resource as an extension to our IT department." - Ron M. 4/12/2016


"Please let everyone know how pleased and appreciative we are with the service." - John L. - 3/14/2016


"I just wanted you to know that Rodolfo has been doing an amazing job" - Anabela G. - 2/11/2016


"I’m very impressed with the service we receive from IBS." - Eric E. - 1/29/2016


"We are so grateful for your incredible tech support." - Alexis B. - 1/20/2016


"I can't thank you enough for all the work you put into this issue, and going the extra mile to getting it resolved." - Chris G. - 1/20/2016


"The backup seems to be working well and your team was incredible with all of the support this season! It’s a good feeling knowing that great help is only a phone call away!"- Shawn P. -10/5/2015.


"We are very happy with the service we receive from IBS; they respond quickly and we appreciate that." - Robin P. - 9/29/2015.


"I just wanted to update you after our first full day of using Soffront on our new server. Success! No issues. I sincerely thank everyone involved here. I appreciate your diligence and speed. You saved me from growing a few more gray hairs." - Elayna H. -- 7/6/2015


"I just wanted to let you know that we have all been very pleased with your company.  Tad has been a pleasure to work with and we appreciate his responsiveness and pleasant demeanor.  We had a PC crash last week while I was on vacation but it sounds like he dealt with it promptly and we are on our way to getting some new PCs here soon.  Also, Seth has been responsive with getting us quotes and information to move forward.  Thanks to all of you – we seem to have gotten off to a good start despite the challenges that you had to face!" - Frances C. - 7/6/2015


"Thanks for going above and beyond for me yesterday!  Your kind demeanor and great customer service was truly appreciated. I will be singing praises for you and IBS every chance I get!!!!" - Annmary B. - 6/25/2015


"Hey Kurt - One of the biggest reasons I attended the IBS 25th Anniversary party yesterday was to personally thank you for doing such an outstanding job for us  I am sorry that I didn’t get to tell you in person.   I am so thankful that we decided to move our IT support to IBS some years ago."  - Sue P. - 6/10/2015


"Tad is my savior! Everyone is very good also.  I am very happy with your company.  I love the friendliness and prompt returns" - Wanda P. - 6/2/2015


"We are very pleased with the service we are receiving from IBS" - Deb F.  - 5/19/2015


"IBS is a great company to work with!" - Maria A. - 5/18/2015


"Tim, as usual was great to work with. He is willing to share his knowledge; explain in clear, understanding terms and has the patience to work with me smile. Thank you Tim!" - Sherri W. - 4/27/2015


"Tim did a great job!  He solved three issues that were preventing us from carrying out our jobs. Thanks again" - Cindy F. - 4/22/2015


"Every day, I say "I love IBS" because you guys are great to work with and all our employees feel the same way!!" - Lisa M. - 4/16/2015


"Thank You- Doug and Tad have been awesome!!!" - Brooke H. - 4/15/2015


"It is always a pleasure to work with the staff at IBS!!" - Shawn P. - 3/30/2015


"I got some great feedback from the Management team at our meeting yesterday regarding the support, knowledge and follow up from your team." - Jeff D. - 2/26/2015


"We thought Tim did a great job analyzing the issues we’re having and making clear recommendations. We really enjoyed meeting him." - Trish H. - 2/12/2015


"Please pass this on to all the good folks at the service desk who tirelessly work to support [our] ongoing needs... thank you for a successful 2014, for helping us through tech nightmares, for teaching us to fish, and for having our backs when the going gets really tough. You're a great group to work with!" - Julie S. - 12/31/2014


"Thank you for being a terrific business partner and a great resource. We appreciate your availability and efforts!" - Anabela P. - 12/19/2014


"As an independent insurance agency dealing with multiple insurance carriers, we deal with a lot of different programs. IBS has always been quick to respond to any issues that arise as a result of our day to day workload. Their response time is excellent, whether it be remotely or in person. While we mainly deal with Tim, all of their techs are friendly and professional."- Pam S. - 12/18/2014


"When one has a great relationship with a fantastic company like IBS for 20+ years, like we are fortunate to have - service just doesn't get any better. You and your team continue to treat us right and we can't thank you enough for that. Due to the size of our company our needs are small; but you are always there to support us no matter what we ask. Thanks for making us feel so important and for taking such good care of us!" - Pat S. - 12/9/2014


We are... "a new client for IBS and, as IT Manager I'd like to take this opportunity to let you know that everyone there has been most helpful in getting us set up and running smoothly. We appreciate everyone's efforts and look forward to a long and mutually successful relationship!" - Diane D. - 11/18/2014


"Thanks Scott, nice installation...everything is nice and neat." - Kirk B. - 10/21/2014


"What a great IT partner you have! We had a really productive discussion with them last week" - from a software vendor, as received by one of our clients - 10/21/2014


"Everything went very smoothly. IBS did a great job! Thank you so much" - Cindy F. - 10/3/2014


"Everything went great - it was nice and refreshing to have Josh and Scott on-site and doing what they need to do. They always keep me informed and let me know what's going on, so things are great!" - Laura Y. - 7/24/2014


"Just a quick note to let you and Tim know that all went smoothly today and the Apple TV's are connected. I very appreciate Tim's input and guidance." - Les T. - 7/1/2014


"I'm so glad we signed up with IBS." - Anabela P. - 6/13/2014


"IBS understands the role of technology and its importance in helping us deliver banking services to our members. The honesty and integrity of the owners, along with the technical abilities of the employees have been the cornerstone of our twenty year relationship." - Paul P. - 4/28/2014


"We have been using IBS for our IT solutions for many years. Their talented staff's prompt and efficient response to our needs has helped us to grow our Credit Union seamlessly." - Joyce M. - 4/28/2014


"We are happy with Tim and your whole process so far, like the emailing and your promptness - big difference from what we are used to (from our prior vendor)" - Wendy K.- 4/28/2014


"I just wanted to say what a pleasure Andrew Gaines is to deal with. He was very attentive to my questions while I was trying to make the decision on our new backup. Always getting back to me as soon as possible, a real pleasure!" - Nancy P. - 4/2/2014


"The imaging of the PCs was handled very well...Tad and I worked very well together which made the process smooth (mostly) and allowed the total time to be less than expected." - Carolyn S. - 4/1/2014


"Nice job on the 10 PC replacement project... Thanks Ben and Glenn!" - Milt J. - 3/7/2014


"The customer portal and the after hours systems you guys have put in place are remarkable." - Sue P. - 2/19/2014


"Thought I'd send you a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate Ben - this is what I was talking about when we went to lunch. He and Tim are so great at expanding my knowledge on things they are fixing, rather than just fixing it and going on their way. It's very much appreciated and super helpful." - Kara J. - 1/30/2014


"We are having a great experience with project migrating virtual Xen to VMare/SAN." - Ron K. - 1/14/2014


"Thank you for sending one of your tech guru's over promptly to fix our printer. We greatly appreciated it! Also, Deb was, again, a pleasure to work with yesterday, and set up all she was able to - considering the contractors have not built in the reception counter yet!" - Jacqueline B. - 12/23/2013


"We had another great year with IBS. What a terrific team of people you have put together. Thank you so much for keeping us up and running. We had an incredible year and IBS played a big part in that." - Sue P. - 12/10/2013


"It's a joy and a delight working with everyone on the IBS team. Thank you for so beautifully highlighting the value of sharing our Outlook and moving to a real server. It's made a HUGE difference in the team's ability to be more productive. You rock!" - Lin S. - 9/5/2013


"This project exceeded our expectations in every way and, as always, it is a delight and a joy to work with the professionals at IBS. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" - Pamela S.- 9/4/2013

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