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Trying to figure out a cloud-computing strategy for your organization?  Get your head out of the clouds - Innovative can help define the right strategy for you!

What is the cloud?

Ask 100 people, and you'll likely receive 100 answers. However, in general, the cloud can be defined as a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. For ease of implementation and support for our clients, we have assembled "The Innovative Cloud", and offer the following services to our clients:

Innovative Cloud Email (ICE)

Innovative offers several Hosted Exchange offerings, including the "public cloud" Microsoft Office Live 365 Suite, as well as the Innovative "private cloud" Innovative Cloud Email (ICE) solution. When should a client look to a hosted solution rather than an on-premise solution? Call us to discuss, and we can help formulate the right strategy for you!

Backup and Recovery Solutions (BRS)

How can a company be sure they can continue to operate after - or even during - a system failure or catastrophic event, such as a hardware crash, system failure, theft, virus, fire, flood, or other disaster?  By engaging Innovative Business Systems for the Backup and Recovery Solution (BRS).

Your organization relies on customer records, key documents, email, financial systems and other essential data to function. Protect your most important strategic asset, your data, in order to keep your business running.  Remember, you're not just backing up your servers - you're backing up your business!

The Innovative BRS is a bundled service which includes a device that takes a snapshot of your data every 15 minutes and stores it locally, in your office. Routine file restorations or recoveries are accomplished from the local copy. Should a server completely fail, the device also allows us to activate it as a virtual server to keep your business up and running while we diagnose and solve the problem with the offline server. In addition, data can be consolidated daily and replicated to our off-site DR location in Marlborough MA, a DR site of your choice, or a third-party data center. Innovative can work with you to determine the right solution for you!

Collocation services

Need to host a server, either physical or virtual, in a SSAE SOC-II Type-II datacenter? IBS can help! Utilizing our infrastructure in Marlborough, MA, Innovative can provide collocation services customized to fit your needs!

I found the technicians to be extremely knowledgeable, and worked as a team to get the job done. They continue to monitor our system and respond immediately to any reported errors.
Christine Gardner, HAP Housing


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