The Innovative IT Pyramid

Innovative views our client's IT environment as a pyramid, where a strong foundation is required in order to have a stable structure.  Our service agreements and project statement of work documents are defined in relation to which levels within the IT pyramid we are asked to engage.

Matching agreements to engagements

How Innovative is leveraged by our clients can vary.  For instance, Innovative can:

  • be an extension of your internal IT department, adding expertise for the completion of turn-key Infrastructure project implementations, and the support of core Infrastructure Systems, such as backup and recovery, anti-virus, and security patch management,
  • support not only Infrastructure and Infrastructure Systems, but also support Endpoints, providing desktop support for PCs, laptops, and tablets, and help desk support for end-users in their use of applications,
  • provide a comprehensive engagement, including Business Intelligence, delivering better access to data for improved business workflow, maximizing the return on technology investment.

Our goal is to align a service agreement or statement of work document with the goals of the engagement to be sure we not only meet, but exceed expectations in delivering Smarter Technology for Better Business.

We had another great year with IBS. What a terrific team of people you have put together. Thank you so much for keeping us up and running. We had an incredible year and IBS played a big part in that.
Sue Patterson, Hart & Patterson Financial Group


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