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January 2017

What's new at Innovative

"We're not a technology-centric company, we're a non-profit." It's a refrain we hear quite often. However, many non-profits ARE technology driven. For example, their livelihood may depend on their donor databases. Is the security and availability of that data any less important than a key line-of-business application for a for-profit company? Of course not!

Therefore, many non-profit organizations rely on Innovative for IT services and support, and we are proud of the work they do that we facilitate. That is why in 2017, we will be highlighting a non-profit of the month, so all can learn of some of the outstanding work happening in our communities.

This month, we learn about Girls Inc. of Holyoke and how Innovative is assisting their efforts in making young women become strong, smart, and bold. We also offer a Proofpoint user guide as a follow-up for all those clients who migrated to our new email security platform, learn of Josh Churchill's recent certification, and meet call center technician turned client relationship manager, Jonathan Hebert. Enjoy!
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Dave DelVecchio, President

Introducing Girls Inc. of Holyoke
Girls Inc. Girls Inc. of Holyoke inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold by providing them the opportunity to develop and achieve their full potential. Since 1981, Girls Inc. has been the place in the Holyoke/Chicopee area for girls, by girls, and about girls. Girls Inc. empowers over 1,750 girls each year, ranging in age from 5 to 18, to break out of the cycle of poverty through quality programs, inspirational mentoring relationships, and access to higher educational and professional opportunities.

Innovative was first introduced to Girls Inc. nearly a decade ago when they were looking for a vendor to help implement a computer lab in their teen center for use in their STEM programming. Innovative is proud to support the lab and all back-office systems in use by Girls Inc. staff. To learn more about their mission, just ask Innovative president Dave DelVecchio, or visit the Girls Inc. website.

McAfee to Proofpoint migrations complete!
McAfee to Proofpoint Thank you to everyone that had to migrate off of the McAfee email security solution to the new suite of solutions from Proofpoint. We migrated over 80 clients and the protection of nearly 4000 mailboxes in a three month span, joining our existing 20 or so clients so that all are protected in the Proofpoint platform. As a side note, in December, Proofpoint went live with a major upgrade to their US-based infrastructure, with a distributed workload now spread across five geographically-dispersed, fault-tolerant data centers.

One service difference to note between Proofpoint and the former McAfee solution is that users no longer have to log into the portal to delete their quarantined messages. In fact, Proofpoint suggests you not purge quarantined items as they keep a rolling 30 day history of all messages sent and received as part of their solution, with older data falling off the back end and deleted automatically. To further aid our clients with some key usability features, please download our Proofpoint Quick Start Guide.

Josh Churchill attains Citrix certification
Josh Churchill
In late December, Josh Churchill attained the Citrix Certified Professional - Networking certification. Designed for Network Engineers, the CCP-N certification validates the knowledge and skills required to implement and manage NetScaler for traffic management, load balancing, content switching and application offloading. Read this recent blog article to learn more about this certification.

Meet Jonathan Hebert
Jonathan Hebert Rejoining Innovative in early 2015, Jonathan originally worked for Innovative from 2008 through 2010 as a Network and PC Technician. Jon left to start his own business, which he then sold to become the IT Director, Meaningful Use Coordinator, and HIPAA Security Officer at a multi-site health center of 190+ employees.

Upon his return to Innovative, Jon spent two years as a member of our call center service team, but has recently transitioned to our sales team as a Client Relationship Manager, helping to advocate for our clients, identifying needs, and working with our team to bring solutions to business problems. In addition, Jon serves as our Information Security Manager in partnership with our InfoSec Officer, Scott Seifel, to help Innovative maintain compliance to HIPAA standards for a Business Associate.

An avid guitar player and experienced sound engineer, when away from the office, Jonathan likes to read, and go on hikes and play board games (especially Catan) with his family.

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