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December 2016

What's new at Innovative

Can you hear me now? The telephone system is quite often the lifeblood of a business, and with Voice-Over-IP technology marrying the phone infrastructure with the computer infrastructure, Innovative has supported telephony for some time, but hadn't sold business phone systems - until now.

This month, we discuss Innovative's expansion into business phone systems with our relationship with DSCI and Valley Communications. In addition, we discuss the importance of a Windows 10 integration plan, our snow day policies and upcoming holiday schedule, and we meet Service Coordinator, Kurt Poudrier. Enjoy!
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Dave DelVecchio, President

Does Innovative install phone systems?
Polycom For many years, we've regularly received this question... many times over. We can now answer with a resounding "yes"! Innovative is now an agent for DSCI, the makers of the hosted voice solution used by Innovative for nearly five years. After having been exposed to supporting many varying voice solutions for our clients, we feel so strongly that DSCI provides the best, most consistent voice performance that we are now offering these services to our clients.

While Innovative excels at configuring our client's networks for optimal voice performance according to quality-of-service best practices, we've further strengthened our best-of-breed offering by partnering with DSCI Master Agent, Valley Communications, to provide consultation and support services for hard phone and soft phone product selection as well as call routing design services. We have multiple clients already on-boarded with this solution, and many more planning for a near-term implementation. If a new phone system is on your 2017 plans, talk to us about to see if DSCI through Innovative is the right fit for you.

Windows 10 soon to be your only choice
Windows 10 In September, CPU manufacturers AMD and Intel both announced the release of their latest processors. With release information, new features and capabilities are announced, but the important news with these releases was one important feature that the new processors failed to provide - backward compatibility for Windows 7 or 8.

Therefore, if your organization has yet to begin testing with Windows 10, 2017 will be a good time to start. As existing processors start to go end-of-life and the new processors become mainstream, PCs will only be available with Windows 10, and will not support backward compatibility. Therefore, if you have PCs that are due for replacement but will require legacy operating systems due to software compatibility issues, please contact us soon to discuss further.

Innovative snow day policies
Jack Frost has already been busy this season, and chances are we're only starting to deal with inclement weather. When the forecast calls for wintery weather, the Innovative office follows the lead of the Easthampton Public School system. If the Easthampton Public Schools call a two-hour delay, the Innovative office will officially open on a two-hour delay. If the Easthampton Public Schools are closed, the office is officially closed until instructed by executive personnel to resume normal business practices.

However, keep in mind that although the office is closed, Innovative will still be available to provide service remotely! While field services and on-site project work may be delayed, support issues that can be resolved via remote tools are given priority, and so long as electricity and internet access are available, much can be accomplished, even when the weather outside is frightful.

Innovative Holiday Schedule
Happy Holidays
Please note: Innovative follows Massachusetts guidelines for the observance of major holidays. Therefore, with both Christmas and New Year's Day falling on Sundays this year, please note that we will be closed in observance of these holidays on Monday, December 26th and Monday, January 2nd, respectively. Happy Holidays!

Meet Kurt Poudrier
Kurt PoudrierKurt recently celebrated his five-year anniversary, having joined Innovative in late 2011 as a Service Coordinator in our call center operations team. To many, Kurt is the voice of Innovative, coordinating and scheduling technicians for service requests and projects.

Kurt joined Innovative after three years of military service and fifteen years in materials handling and quality assurance working with a major regional wholesale distributor. When he's not busy herding techs, he enjoys watching science fiction movies and playing games with his family and friends.

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