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August 2016

What's new at Innovative

Technology - when implemented right, it can help a business increase revenues, decrease costs, and improve efficiencies. This month, we explore the difference between Technology Outcomes and Business Outcomes, talk about "commercially reasonable efforts" to maintain data security, introduce the concept of "Cookie Wednesday", and we meet Network Specialist, Rodolfo Irizarry. Enjoy!
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Dave DelVecchio, President

Technology Outcomes vs. Business Outcomes
Business Outcomes When entertaining a technology solution or project, both Technology Outcomes and Business Outcomes should result. In this recent blog, we examine four technology outcomes and three business outcomes, and discuss the importance of aligning budget to one's goals.

What are "commercially reasonable efforts"?
With the passing of MA CMR17.00 in 2010, data security became the responsibility of every business that maintains personal information, impacting the vast majority of commercial enterprises in the state. As such, clarity as to the expectations of how to maintain a secure environment was needed, but was often lacking, instead blurred by phrases instructing businesses to leverage "commercially reasonable efforts". However, ask 100 technologists how to define "commercially reasonable efforts", and you'll likely receive 100 opinions.

To aid in creating a common understanding, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has released a 201 CMR 17.00 Compliance Checklist designed as a useful tool to aid in the development of a written information security program for a small business.

What is Cookie Wednesday?
Cookie Wednesday at Girls Inc
Last year, Mike Lareau's wife Jen was going back to school and was routinely faced with exams on Wednesdays. As one who often "stress-bakes", Jen would often forgo studying on Tuesdays and instead whip up several dozen cookies. As a result, Mike would often bring cookies into the office to share, and the concept of "Cookie Wednesday" was born.

Fast-forward to 2016, and Innovative has been bringing Cookie Wednesday to our clients! If contacted about scheduling a meeting with Dave or Traci on a Wednesday this fall, you may want to take up the offer, as there is a good chance a tray of cookies will be delivered to the meeting! Thanks to all who've been a good sport about our documenting the occasion with a photo... we're working on a fine collage of our Cookie Wednesday visits which we'll share at the end of the year.

Put Faces with Names
To many, the names and voices of those in our office and call center are quite familiar, but unlike our field services and project teams, they don't often get out of the office to client sites to visit face-to-face. Ever wonder what the person at the other end of the phone looks like? Wonder no further, as pictures and bios are available on our web site!

Meet Rodolfo Irizarry
Rodolfo IrizarryJoining our staff in 2015, Rodolfo, or "Rodo" as he's known around the office, joined Innovative as a member of our Project Team. Rodolfo brought to Innovative two years of experience as a Technical Account Representative for an IT services company, managing and maintaining client networks, troubleshooting networks, servers, and workstations, documenting resolutions of past issues, and scheduling future updates, projects, and system implementations, and he's elevated his skills in all areas during his time at Innovative.

Rodolfo has earned a Computer Network Management certification from Branford Hall and is CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ certified, and holds multiple Microsoft certifications. Outside of work, Rodolfo is an avid golfer, speaks German, and plays the piano and guitar.

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