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July 2016

What's new at Innovative

Urgency, Empathy, and Communication - those are the three most important factors that lead to providing good customer service. This month, I share a recent blog article that highlights how one of our techs had a bad customer service experience at their doctor's office, reinforcing their importance. We also discuss what commonalities exist between our clients, celebrate SysAdmin Day, and we meet Solutions Architect, Mike Lareau. Enjoy!
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Dave DelVecchio, President

Urgency, Empathy, and Communication
How do you define good customer service? We have all had experiences that have impressed us with a provider's willingness to help, and we've all had experiences that have left us wanting for more. What are the most important factors common to good customer service experience?

Excellent Customer Service In this recent blog, we examine a recent experience at a medical practice, and identify how Urgency, Empathy, and Communication are key.

How do you define your ideal client?
Whether you are a business-to-business or business-to-consumer organization, a critical factor in growing your organization is to have a clear understanding of who makes an ideal client. At Innovative, starting in the early 1990s, we specialized in the implementation and support of technology for community banks and credit unions. As HIPAA compliance gained importance in the early 2000s, our data-security story played well in the medical vertical as well. Now, nearly every industry has data-privacy concerns, expanding the number of vertical markets that benefit from partnering with Innovative for IT support.

Innovative Business Systems works with a variety of clients in many different sectors. However, the common thread we find amongst our clients is a need to protect personal information and other data while leveraging technology, not as a barrier to doing business, but as an accelerator. Explore our Industries page, to learn more about how Innovative adds value to those in financial services, insurance, legal, construction, manufacturing, and other key vertical industries.

We love referrals!
There is no greater compliment than having a happy client refer our services to an associate, neighbor, friend, or affiliate. Should the referral lead to closed business, we offer referral fees to our clients in the form of service credits off of a monthly support agreement invoice. To earn a potential credit for your business, refer a potential client to Mike, Mike, Traci, Seth, or Dave, and we'll be happy to meet with them and explore if they'd benefit from working with Innovative.

Happy SysAdmin Day!
July 29th is the 17th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day! What's a System Administrator? If your network is secure, your computer is up and running, and your printer is jam-free, you've got a sysadmin to thank for it, so say IT loud; say IT proud... Happy SysAdmin Day!

Meet Mike Lareau
Mike LareauWith Innovative since 2010, Mike Lareau initially joined our team as a lead implementer on select projects, bringing with him six years experience as the Senior Systems Engineer for a local municipality supporting an infrastructure of 250-users and 15 servers. In 2013, Mike transitioned roles and is responsible for solutions analysis and design, conducting the majority of our network assessment review meetings, as well as completing the majority of our Statement of Work and Project Close documentation.

Mike holds an impressive collection of CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Fortinet, and VMware certifications. Mike also holds an Associate of Science degree in IT Security from Springfield Technical Community College, where he currently serves on their Computer Information Technologies Advisory Board. Outside of the office, Mike is an avid bowler, is currently engrossed in an ever-growing list of home repairs, and spends his time with wife Jen corralling his two dogs, Punky, and Brewster.

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