Data Encryption with Simply-Secure

Jun 6, 2016 | By Rodolfo Irizarry

Recently, one of our Credit Union clients had a need for an updated and manageable data encryption solution for their dozen laptops. With the strict regulatory standards found in their industry, we had to come up with a solution that would not only allow us to encrypt the data, but also manage the devices from a central location, and allow for reporting to satisfy Division of Banking, NCUA, and internal auditors.

To compound the issue, the twelve laptops ran an assortment of Microsoft Windows versions, ranging from 7 to 10.  Microsoft has stopped releasing the upgrade to Windows 7 Enterprise Edition, which allows the use of BitLocker, Microsoft’s encryption software. Therefore, the credit union was potentially left with two options - either upgrading all laptops to Windows 10, or replacing the Windows 7 laptops prematurely, only to support encryption.  As such, we were on the search for a better alternative.

            After testing and reviewing several different options, Innovative is proud to now offer our Simply-Secure solution.   Featuring cloud-based management, Simply-Secure encryption software gives administrators a central location to manage all of their clients encrypted devices, which can range from laptops and mobile devices to tablets and smart phones. With a simple click, a lost or stolen device can be suspended and made unbootable, or the data can be wiped remotely, providing full assurance that any data would not be compromised. Best of all, Simply-Secure allows for multiple options for how to encrypt the data. These can range from Simply-Secure’s inherent file-based EFS encryption to leveraging Microsoft’s BitLocker full disk encryption when it detects a device that supports the option.  All devices, regardless of EFS or BitLocker encryption, can be managed through a single, consolidated administrative interface, making support faster and easier than with any other solution.   Deployment is a breeze, as within minutes, a custom installer can be tailored to the specific needs of a client, and best of all, this solution is remarkably affordable to a business of any size.

            If your business leverages mobile devices with company data that could be compromised in the event a laptop, tablet, or other device is lost or stolen, leveraging Innovative Simply-Secure encryption is the best way to protect your data.  Talk to us to learn more about Simply-Secure, or view Dave’s blog post, which features an introductory video with more information.

This morning when I sounded the alarm, I really appreciated how quickly you guys responded. You guys always come thru when the chips are down and we so appreciate it!
Julie D. Smith - The Spelman & Johnson Group


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