Avoid this email scam!

Jul 21, 2015 | By

Innovative has become aware of an email scam that appears to be making the rounds, and we want you to be aware.

Common traits found in the email scam include:

1.    The appearance that it comes from a senior position within your organization.  (i.e.: President, CEO, Director, etc. etc.)
2.    It is sent to someone that handles money within your organization. (i.e.: CFO, Finance Director, Accounting, etc. etc.)
3.    It requests a wire transfer of a large sum of money to an address. 
4.    The language appears to be casual in nature, and less “official.”

Please make your financial department staff aware of this scam, and ignore the email.  If you are unsure about a message, feel free to forward the message to service@for-ibs.com and we will examine the message header to check if the source of the message was from outside the organization.  In general, keep your guard up, be vigilant, and if you ever have a question whether a request is legitimate, please ask - We’ll be glad to help!


UPDATED 8/7/15:  If you are targeted by this scam, please contact the office of the Commonweath of MA Attorney General who is pursuing those perpetrating this scam!

Assistant Attorney General Ben Hoerner



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