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Apr 1, 2016 | By Dave DelVecchio

Starting this month, we've got four new ads running on our long time media partner, WEEI 105.5FM Springfield.  This messaging is a slight departure from our past ads, reinforcing the ways in which we deliver value for our clients, and how differentiate oursevles from other IT service providers.  We're not happy until we have delivered measurable results.  Have a listen to our ads, all in current rotation:

Ad 1 - Who needs "Smarter Technology"?

Ad 2 - The value of being proactive

Ad 3 - The value of being proactive (w/o backing music)

Ad 4 - Delivering results

You have built a company of well educated, confident, patient, empathetic, and professional employees. Enjoy your success. Well deserved!
Susan M. Patterson, Chief Financial Officer, Hart & Patterson Financial Group


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